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Welcome to the Melbourne Watch Company - Our goal is to offer our customers high quality mechanical timepieces at an affordable price which reflect the elegance and style of the city for which our brand is named.Originally started in 2013 as "Melbourne Custom Watches", we fell in love with mechanical timepieces and began hand assembling homage style watches for the enthusiast community. Not being content to simply build someone else's designs, we launched the Melbourne Watch Company in order to pursue the goal of creating original timepieces that would appeal to both watch enthusiasts, casual collectors and beyond. Our aim is to focus on producing mechanical watches exclusively - both automatic and hand wind. We appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a mechanical watch movement and wish to share our passion for this classic form of engineering with our customers. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Melbourne Watch Company and hope to see you again soon. 

Our Official Site : Melbourne Watch

Or pay us a visit at our address: Van Nostrand Avenue Englewood Cliffs New York.